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Asbestos surveys ~ Asbestos surveying and management ~ Asbestos surveys Hampshire ~ Asbestos surveying Hampshire ~ Asbestos Risk Assessment ~ Asbestos UKAsbestos Surveys and Services

Asbestos Surveying:
We provide a 'no obligation' quotation service to clients and surveys are carried out by our professionally trained surveyors.  All Asbestos surveys we undertake follow the criteria set out in HSG264 (Replaces and Expands on MDHS100), surveying, sampling and assessment of asbestos-containing materials and comply with the (CAR) The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and the supporting (ACOP) approved code of practice.

We undertake Asbestos Management surveys and Refurbishment or Demolition surveys on commercial, domestic and Industrial buildings to the highest standards of working practice. We offer independent, specialist surveyors who are fully insured and qualified to both P402 & P405 level. They provide the perfect solution to enable the client to comply with CAR (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) Regulation 4 'Duty to Manage' on a national level.

Management Survey - Sampling, Identification and Assessment Survey.
A management survey is the standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACMs in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation, and to assess their condition.  The survey will usually involve sampling and analysis to confirm the presence or absence of ACMs.

A management survey can be completed using a combination of sampling ACMs and presuming ACMs. Any materials presumed to contain asbestos must also have their condition assessed (i.e a material assessment).

Refurbishment or Demolition Survey.

 This type of survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all ACMs in the building and will involve destructive inspection, as necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach. A full sampling programme is undertaken to identify possible ACMs and estimates of the volume and surface area of ACMs made.

The survey is designed to be used as a basis for tendering the removal of ACMs from the building prior to demolition or refurbishment so the survey does not assess the condition of the asbestos, other than to note areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris may be expected to be present.

Although different types of survey can be specified and used depending on the circumstances, it is important that the building owner, employer and the surveyor know exactly what type of survey is to be carried out, what the specifications for each type are, and in which areas they are to be used. It is recommended that the type of survey used conforms to a standard HSG264 replaces and expands on (MDHS100).

ACMs (Asbestos containing Materials)

Sample Analysis
The Asbestos Management Group only use UKAS Accredited laboratories for sample analysis.
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Asbestos surveys ~ Asbestos surveying and management ~ Asbestos surveys Hampshire ~ Asbestos surveying Hampshire ~ Asbestos Risk Assessment ~ Asbestos UK

Asbestos Management Policy, Plans & Registers:

For those companies who do not possess an asbestos policy as part of their Health and Safety documentation TAMG have produced a clear and concise procedural policy including a Permit to Work. The policy will act as the management plan for any found asbestos and also contains an updateable register for periodic re-inspections. This policy will meet all the client requirements to enable them to be in full compliance with the (CAR) Control of Asbestos regulations 2012. Regulation 4,  'Duty to Manage' Asbestos in non domestic buildings.

The asbestos management plan is supplied to the client as one hard copy and a data disc. If the client is conducting their own re-inspections then the updates to the asbestos register can be made via the data disc.

Fire Risk Assessments:

Fire Risk Assessments are required on commercial properties and the communal areas of shared residential accommodation. This is in order to comply with Fire Safety Reform (England) Order 2005, which came into force in October 2006.

Our assessors are qualified to NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.

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