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Home - The Asbestos Management Group (TAMG) is an independent Asbestos Risk Management Company, with over 20 years experience in the asbestos industry. We offer specialist coverage throughout the UK in the fields of Asbestos Surveying and Risk Management.

Asbestos Surveys and service - The Asbestos Management Group provide a 'no obligation' quotation service to clients and surveys are carried out by our professionally trained surveyors. All Asbestos surveys we undertake follow the criteria set out in (MDHS 100), the method of Determining Hazardous Substances and comply with the (CAR) The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and the supporting (ACOP) approved code of practice.

Asbestos Management - The Asbestos Management Group, Asbestos management plans and registers mean our clients can continue doing what they know best running their own Businesses. The Asbestos Management Group can remove the worry associated with updating the asbestos management plan and asbestos register from you to us.

Asbestos awareness training - The Asbestos Management Group hold half day training courses fully compliant with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. A full list of the course content is provided on this page.

Asbestos encapsulation - If your building has asbestos it does not always need to be removed. If the asbestos is in good condition or just needs some small repairs then encapsulation can sometimes be the better solution. The Asbestos Management Group will advise and provide you with the best solution.

What is Asbestos - What is Asbestos? The Asbestos Management Group provide the answer. Asbestos is a rock mined from the earth - ‘asbestos’ is a generic term for a group of fibrous mineral silicates formed over millions of years crystallised under the influence of volcanic eruption. The types of commercially exploited asbestos include: Chrysotile – white asbestos, Amosite – brown asbestos, Crocidolite – blue asbestos.

Useful Asbestos links - This page provides you with a list of websites which The Asbestos Management Group suggest you visit.

Contact - You can contact The Asbestos Management Group (TAMG) by either phone, fax, post or online form, this page provides you with all the details.

Sitemap -The Asbestos Management Group - Sitemap Page (This page) provides you with a list of all the pages of our website.

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